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Reliable Flood Data & Mapping Products for the Insurance Industry

ServiceLink National Flood provides flood hazard data services, including flood zone determinations, aerial dispute resolution products, FEMA community data, portfolio reviews and Elevation Certificates.

SLNF Products & Services
Flood Zone Determinations

Get the most current Flood Zone Determination with all the FEMA flood map data and Base Flood Elevation information.
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Flood Mapping & Dispute Resolution

A variety of mapping tools are available to identify a property's location and status using street and aerial maps.
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Portfolio Review & Analysis

Analyze an entire portfolio of properties and enhance your risk management posture.
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Elevation Certificates

Get accurate elevation data for a given property from ServiceLink National Flood.
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FloodCheck – Exclusively from SLNF at NO Charge

Learn within seconds, at no cost, a property's likelihood of being in a high risk flood zone. FloodCheck allows agents to perform a quick assessment of a property's risk, and determine whether to order a guaranteed flood zone determination and provide the consumer a quote for flood insurance.   Click Here for Details.


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Disclaimer: FloodCheck is a computer evaluation and is not a reliable tool for determining if the property is “in” or “out” of a FEMA Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA). No insurance agent, lender, borrower, homeowner, appraiser or other persons should rely on the information provided for determining if flood insurance should be obtained.


FNF Announces Formation of Black Knight Financial Services
Fidelity National Financial announced today (January 3, 2014), the reorganization of the former Lender Processing Services, Inc. ("LPS") businesses, and the formation of a wholly-owned subsidiary called Black Knight Financial Services, Inc.
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FEMA Introduces PRP Eligibility Extension Provision
FEMA’s proposed program to provide a cost-saving flood insurance option for properties newly included in high risk flood zones as a result of flood map updates became effective on January 1, 2011. Learn more about the program and ServiceLink National Flood’s customer solutions.
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